The Dis-assembly Line

An R.N.’s blog I hadn’t seen before. One of several posts on the subject, including on the AAP and Dr. Oz. Well worth visiting, but disturbing.

“The other student nurse and I watched from the nursery, outside the little room. I understood the procedure from a textbook perspective, but still, I didn’t know what to expect.
The doctor swept into the tiny room in a hurry, and got right to business. He worked his way in a circle, quickly injecting each boy’s penis with Lidocaine: one, two, three, four. All of the babies were screaming by that point. Then, he started over at the beginning—hardly giving the anesthetic any time to take effect—and began to cut. I was horrified. Then, what happened next was what really made the experience stick in my head forever:

He finished with the last baby, propped up the board the little one was strapped to so we could see more clearly, and gestured to his bleeding penis. He looked at us, two young women and said, “Now that looks more familiar to ya, doesn’t it?” and he winked. What a pig! My mouth fell open and I blushed, not knowing what to do. He laughed and left the room so the nurse could clean up his mess. I could never make eye-contact with him again after that day…

Part Three: My Turn

When I got pregnant, my husband and I had a brief discussion that went something like this: I said, “If we have a boy, we’re not going to circumcise him.” Then Jaymz said, “Yeah, I know, why would we do that? It’s wrong to cut on babies for no reason.” End of discussion.”

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