We KNOW that Infant Circumcision violates a child’s right to bodily integrity. We KNOW that 100% of babies oppose genital cutting, both boys and girls. We KNOW that medical society feeds you lies about why little boys need to be cut while they can not say NO and refuse to have this procedure done on them. We KNOW too much to keep being silent about it. We WANT you to find out as well before it is too late for your son. His body should be his choice. Not anyone else’s ever! Keep your baby perfectly whole, just as nature intended.

We try to speak to you through our graphics, because seeing is believing in a lot of cases. We feel your pain if you are a parent who found out the truth too late. We hope this information will stop you from cutting your future sons, maybe even will force you to start speaking out against the practice as well, just like us. Because all children deserve better, not just girls. Join us and say NO to forced genital cutting of minors. Because Boys Deserve Better!

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