I finally asked…

I finally asked my mom who cut me as a baby. That’s not how I asked, but that is what I was after. Today she answered me. I now know his name. His name was Dr. John R. Waddell of Athens, Alabama. I say “was” because I also now know that he is dead.

This morning, I heard good news about saving a baby boy, which today, as always, makes me feel ten feet tall…

So I took that emotional comfort, wrapped myself in it like a blanket or some kind of armor, and googled Dr. John R. Waddell.

I feel sick about what I found.

This is picture of his house. He named it “Athena.”

It is a nice 6,492 square foot home with five bedrooms that sits on 20 acres. It was rebuilt on the burned ruins of an old slave plantation that was Alex Hailey’s ancestral home. Alex Hailey wrote the novel Roots.

The home address was 10627 New Cut Road.

I imagine that he named it Athena in reference to the Greek Goddess. So, I wikied Athena to refresh my memory of her..

“Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.”

“Athena never had a consort or lover and is thus known as Athena Parthenos, “Virgin Athena”. Her most famous temple, the Parthenon, on the Acropolis in Athens takes its name from this title. It is not merely an observation of her virginity, but a recognition of her role as enforcer of rules of sexual modesty and ritual mystery.”

Fucking hell….

He is gone now, John Waddell. I shall never get to confront him.

But, by the looks of it, he lived a life full of luxury, the respect of his community, and no small dose of self-satisfaction.

He was. however, sorely lacking in both irony and compassion.

They may not be the crown jewels of humanity, but they are important to me and my friends – and he had none.

No real succor for me in that realization. But at least I know that he is dead and I can finally let go of my ridiculous revenge fantasies.

Rot in Hell, cutter. I’ll look you up when I get there…

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2 Responses to I finally asked…

  1. shteln says:

    I feel for you, Jeff.

  2. sviz says:


    One thing you can do is try to contact Medicaid in your state and tell them to stop paying for circumcisions!
    Hope comes for baby boys finally! International doctors’ organizations condemn the AAP’s 2012 stance on circumcision. Since it is a month after the anniversary of the AAP’s statement on circumcision (the AAP’s statement was made on August 27, 2012), it might be worth it to learn about the condemnation of the AAP’s statement on infant male circumcision by 38 doctors representing various international medical associations. This is groundbreaking and historic. Why? When was the last time you have heard of so many doctors and their organizations condemning another doctors’ organization?

    I am including a reference to the American Academy of Pediatrics own journal which presents the international condemnation of the AAP:

    Cultural Bias in the AAP’s 2012 Technical Report and Policy Statement on Male Circumcision

    Click to access peds.2012-2896.full.pdf


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