Dos and Don’ts of carding

When I became an intactivist a year ago I learned about “carding“. I jumped at the opportunity to start spreading the message and ordered my first cards. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, learned from them and now present the Dos and Don’ts of carding, to make your life easier.

1) DON’T card like a maniac leaving too many cards on store shelves and in other open places. They are easier to spot, yes, but they are also easier to remove when employees discover them. Your cards will go to waste, won’t reach their potential reader, and will make the store people mad. Not what the goal is here.

DO put cards inside the merchandise instead. Pregnancy books, newborn baby items, maternity clothes, etc. work perfectly and are guaranteed to reach that expectant parent you are targeting. You cards are not wasted and no one gets mad when they are discovered, because they won’t. Hopefully.

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What is “carding”?


Let’s talk “carding”. It is as real as it gets when talking about real-life activism. Something you can do to spread awareness and help save lives, and still be discreet if that suits you better, or come up to people and talk to them while handing them your cards. You choose what works for you.

Here you can find most of what you need to know about carding:
“Carding includes wide assortment of baby, child and family health information – breastfeeding, babywearing, baby sleep, gentle parenting and discipline, informed vaccination, car seat safety, circumcision and intact information, among others. Intact information cards, specifically, are geared toward diverse demographics to meet people where they are in their genital autonomy journey.”

You can purchase your cards if that is something that would work for you better. One of the examples of what is available out there is over at Saving Our Sons.
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Manchester baby bled to death

Manchester baby boy ‘bled to death after circumcision’

“A four-week-old boy “bled to death” after a home circumcision carried out by a nurse, a court has heard.

Goodluck Caubergs died the day after nurse Grace Adeleye carried out the procedure without anaesthetic, Manchester Crown Court was told.

The jury heard the 66-year-old only used scissors, forceps and olive oil at an address in Chadderton, Greater Manchester in April 2010.
Mrs Adeleye denies manslaughter by gross negligence.
The court heard the medic and Goodluck’s parents are originally from Nigeria, where the circumcision of newborns is the tradition for Christian families.

It is alleged the defendant, who is also a midwife, left a “ragged” wound that bled and her post-operative care was inadequate.
The family home, where the procedure took place, is a mile and a half from Royal Oldham Hospital.

Adrian Darbishire QC, opening the case for the prosecution, told the jury: “The allegation essentially here is that the care she provided in the course of that procedure was so bad that not only did it cause the death of that young baby wholly unnecessarily, but it amounted to gross negligence and a crime.”

Mr Darbishire said even a small amount of blood loss is dangerous and the loss of just one sixth of a pint of blood can be fatal for a newborn.”

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The Test


Boys Deserve Better than sexist, unethical and self-centered determinations on permanent modification of their genitals.

“Citing the Bioethics Policy, the 1999 Circumcision Policy states that parents must make choices about health care for infants and young children because infants and young children are not capable of making their own decisions. However, these decisions are related to diagnosis and treatment for an ailment. Non-therapeutic circumcision is surgery performed on a child with no ailment, and circumcision is not treatment.

Question 2: Should parents make health care decisions for infants and young children that do not relate to an ailment or treatment? Please explain.”

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Why we speak up


John Geisheker’s comments can be found in this video, “Marketing Circumcision – Lack of Ethics“.

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Why we do this


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Happy Thanksgiving


This holiday season make sure to be a respectful parent and not mess with your son’s right to bodily integrity. Keep him whole and he will be celebrating Thanksgiving every day for the rest of his life. HIS body, HIS choice.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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