The Test


Boys Deserve Better than sexist, unethical and self-centered determinations on permanent modification of their genitals.

“Citing the Bioethics Policy, the 1999 Circumcision Policy states that parents must make choices about health care for infants and young children because infants and young children are not capable of making their own decisions. However, these decisions are related to diagnosis and treatment for an ailment. Non-therapeutic circumcision is surgery performed on a child with no ailment, and circumcision is not treatment.

Question 2: Should parents make health care decisions for infants and young children that do not relate to an ailment or treatment? Please explain.”

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Why we speak up


John Geisheker’s comments can be found in this video, “Marketing Circumcision – Lack of Ethics“.

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Why we do this


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Happy Thanksgiving


This holiday season make sure to be a respectful parent and not mess with your son’s right to bodily integrity. Keep him whole and he will be celebrating Thanksgiving every day for the rest of his life. HIS body, HIS choice.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Circumcising babies or men?


Though choosing circumcision sounds like an easy decision to make for the family, we always forget that the person who would have to live with this choice is the man your son will become. Do you think you have the right to make that intimate decision for your grown son? Didn’t think so.

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Ridiculous argument


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I finally asked…

I finally asked my mom who cut me as a baby. That’s not how I asked, but that is what I was after. Today she answered me. I now know his name. His name was Dr. John R. Waddell of Athens, Alabama. I say “was” because I also now know that he is dead.

This morning, I heard good news about saving a baby boy, which today, as always, makes me feel ten feet tall…

So I took that emotional comfort, wrapped myself in it like a blanket or some kind of armor, and googled Dr. John R. Waddell.

I feel sick about what I found.

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The Dis-assembly Line

An R.N.’s blog I hadn’t seen before. One of several posts on the subject, including on the AAP and Dr. Oz. Well worth visiting, but disturbing.

“The other student nurse and I watched from the nursery, outside the little room. I understood the procedure from a textbook perspective, but still, I didn’t know what to expect.
The doctor swept into the tiny room in a hurry, and got right to business. He worked his way in a circle, quickly injecting each boy’s penis with Lidocaine: one, two, three, four. All of the babies were screaming by that point. Then, he started over at the beginning—hardly giving the anesthetic any time to take effect—and began to cut. I was horrified. Then, what happened next was what really made the experience stick in my head forever:

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This is how circumcision is done


A tiny newborn baby is strapped to a board, has his clothes taken off, his screams ignored, and his most sensitive body part mutilated with most likely only a pacifier dipped in sugar water serving as anesthesia. READ it again if it didn’t make sense the first time.

Now stop and ask yourself… Why isn’t this considered a crime yet? Why are doctors still allowed to practice this? Why are parents not shown this picture before their baby is taken away from them to be tortured? Why do some men still insist they are happy it has been done to them? WHO can be happy to start a life like THIS?! Not this baby for sure!
Say NO to Infant Circumcision!

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Penthouse Article on Foreskin Restoration January 1995

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