What is “carding”?


Let’s talk “carding”. It is as real as it gets when talking about real-life activism. Something you can do to spread awareness and help save lives, and still be discreet if that suits you better, or come up to people and talk to them while handing them your cards. You choose what works for you.

Here you can find most of what you need to know about carding:
“Carding includes wide assortment of baby, child and family health information – breastfeeding, babywearing, baby sleep, gentle parenting and discipline, informed vaccination, car seat safety, circumcision and intact information, among others. Intact information cards, specifically, are geared toward diverse demographics to meet people where they are in their genital autonomy journey.”

You can purchase your cards if that is something that would work for you better. One of the examples of what is available out there is over at Saving Our Sons.

You can print your own at such printing sites as VistaPrint.com (I use it myself so suggesting it, they have regular promotions and the quality is amazing) All you need to do is choose any template for a business card (I go for something baby boy themed), add your text and order your cards. It is not really difficult and if you are buying in bulk (500 and more) then with good promotion codes it comes down to only a few cents per card.

You can print your own pamphlets at home on your printer. Nothing stops you from starting right now. Good place to look for available printable materials is at Intact Network.

Just look for Printables and click on the links to choose your preferred advocacy materials.

Here are some good examples to consider:




Good luck and be careful, it is extremely addictive!

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